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Introducing Nyankee Characters


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LINEマンガインディーズ / アングラ・裏社会部門 1位​

​ 配信プラットフォーム

日本語版:LINEマンガインディーズ┊英語版:Amazon Kindle, azuki comics, INKR, Manga Planet┊中国語版:漫画人、テンセント漫画

● Distribution:

Japanese : LINE manga IndiesEnglish : Amazon Kindle, azuki comics, INKR, Manga Planet┊​Chinese:  Mangajin, Tencent Manga

Digital Art



My home, Decentraland. Decentraland is the world's  first metaverse built on Ethereum​. Since October 2021, I am having so much fun in this community, enthusiastically going to various events, connecting with creators/artist and community members.​ 


- My land is located at -8,-55 / -111,-44

​- Published 4 wearables

​- Approved on Decentraland Verified Studio

- Joined Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 on MetaTokyo creator street

​- Won 5th prize on DCL film club 2023 contest

​- Started "Decentraland Diary"  on Ameba official blog

- ​Built KAKIKUKEKofee cafe on my parcel

​- Created Bleace Bunny for Bleace Day

- Created float for Metaverse Pride Week 2023

​- Joined MESH Art Fair 2023, July


Collection of 300 bunnies from the Fade Away Bunny manga by Shiori Kawana

​Fade Away Bunnyy NFT Website



Thank you.

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