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​Wold Sleep Day 2024 in Decentalland! Hosting event with Bleace! 


Introducing Nyankee Characters

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My home is Decentraland, the world's first metaverse built on Ethereum. Since October 2021, I've been having a great time in this community, enthusiastically attending various events, and connecting with creators, artists, and community members. My land is located at -8,-55 / -111,-44


​- Published 4 wearables

​- Approved on Decentraland Verified Studio



- Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 / MetaTokyo creator street

​- Won 5th prize on DCL film club 2023 contest

​- Started "Decentraland Diary"  on Ameba Official Blog

- ​KAKIKUKEKofee cafe on my parcel

​- Created Bleace Bunny for Bleace Day

- Created a float for Metaverse Pride Week 2023

​- Joined MESH Art Fair 2023, July


- Decentraland Wellness Week 2024 Land of Sleep event with Bleace 

​- Won 2nd place on In World Builder Contest

- World Sleep Day 2024 create a build and host event with Bleace

Nyankee_Web3 contents creator

About Nyankee

I've had an unique upbringing, splitting my time between Japan and the U.S., and fortunate to travel to many countries. This has allowed me to experience a wide range of cultures, histories, art, and cuisines. My career has been quite diverse - I've worked as a pin-up model and idol in Japan. I've found that I really enjoy creating things, possibly even more than performing. I value my alone time, as it's when I feel most creative. As a self-taught artist, I make something new every day, and I just can't seem to stop creating! In 2021, my manga "Fade Away Bunny" was transformed into an NFT project, which introduced me to the world of web3 and the metaverse, particularly Decentraland. I really enjoy engaging with other creators there, finding inspiration among a community rich with incredible artists, musicians, and innovators. Decentraland offers a platform with immense potential for creative minds like us. If you're interested in being a part of this vibrant community, come and join us!


Thank you.

Nyankee_Web3 contents creator
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