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My career has been quite diverse - I've worked as a pin-up model and idol singer in Japan, and I've also been involved in writing lyrics and creating animal characters for my blog. I've found that I really enjoy creating things, possibly even more than performing. I value my alone time, as it's when I feel most creative. As a self-taught artist, I make something new every day, and I just can't seem to stop creating!

My manga work "Fade Away Bunny" was adapted into NFT project in 2021. That was the time I learned about web3  space and  get to know about metaverse Decentraland. Even though I  like to spend alone, I enjoy connecting with creators getting inspirations, Decentraland is full of amazing people and creator/artist, musicians. Platform has so much potential for us creators. If you want to be part of the community jump in! ^0^


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